Decorating Hallways... the 'Forgotten Room'

Hallways, the forgotten “room” of the home… 

Hallways seem to be a forgotten piece of the home when it comes to decorating. This simply happens because options for decor are so limited when working with such a limited space. But, that is about to change! Here are a few tips to get you excited about decorating your hallway and ways make that morning walk through the hall much more enjoyable!

Make it fun 

The hallway is the perfect space to be bold and brave with your decorating choices. It is the ideal place to take a chance with color, faux wall treatments, or wallpaper (the sticky peel on kind is a commitment-free and easy to apply choice). It is hard to commit to such treatments in spaces that already have dedicated themes, furniture, and other obstacles to work around. Since hallways are generally furniture free (or very light with furniture) and don’t usually have any committed themes they make the perfect candidate for a more trendy, bold statement. 

If you have the space…. 

If space allows, take advantage of the opportunity to add an accent table, bench, or small seating area. These additions will give the feeling of an intentionally created space that provides not just decoration, but a functional area. The table will be a great spot to add more intimate night lighting with decor, or the cozy seating area just may be your favorite new spot for a quiet reading nook.

Don’t forget the ceilings and the floors

Never underestimate the power of lighting and attractive flooring and rugs. These areas can turn into the most impactful decor in your hallway, especially if you are working with a narrow space that doesn’t allow much room for decor. If you have the height to add a chandelier, use that feature to flatter and accentuate the height of the ceiling. It can feel like a whimsical walk from room to room with dreamy pieces floating above you. Even if you don’t have the height, consider changing your flooring choice or adding a runner that extends the length of the hallway. A runner will add color, texture, and main focal interest.

Gallery Wall

The hallway is the ultimate place for a gallery wall, as long as you are working with space that allows you and your home guests to view the gallery. The hallway is one place in your home you will travel through daily and it is a wonderful place to display your most meaningful photos, art, or simply decor that brings you happiness. Simply start by choosing your favorite photographs, art, or wall accessories. Lay them out on the floor to come up with your aesthetically pleasing layout. If you are more symmetrical in your design taste, keep frames/items within the same size range and use gridwork to layout your wall. If you are more asymmetrical in your taste, choose ranging sizes of frames and decor and lay them out in a “tetris” shaped pattern. You want your pieces to be cozy and not so spaced out that they are floating without meaning. Grouped collections give more of an impact!

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