Styling Your Fireplace for the Warm Season

How to Style Your Fireplace During the Warm Season

Styling the Firebox with logs

Although you can get really ‘out of the box’ with ideas on what to put in your firebox, here is an idea on how to get a unique look while still utilizing the fireplace with what is normally used in it - wood logs. Start by arranging your logs in a staggered or ‘tossed in’ looking manner so there are randomly spread gaps between the logs. Fill the gaps in with natural looking greenery, florals, or Spanish moss to give the feeling of spring sprouting! Your logs can also be sprayed with an adhesive and moss can be added for a simple, more natural look. For a little night twinkle, wrap various logs with battery operated string lights. If you still plan on using your fireplace or would like to add another layer, create this same look inside a large basket to put inside the firebox. This just adds another unique touch and makes your little vignette easy to move!

Styling the mantel

Change up your art with something more colorful or season appropriate, like flowers or sunny feeling scenery. You could do a large print of your favorite family memory from one of the warmer months. For a more layered look add a leaning part sign overlapping part of the art that has a quote related to the season or art. To evenly distribute your weight, add groupings of vases or containers with spring and summer florals and greenery. Using florals specific to the season will make your mantel pop for the warmer months. Get creative with your containers by using decorative water cans, summer fruit crates, or your own unique hand-painted pots. Scatter a couple birds, nests, or decorative candlesticks throughout the mantel to help balance out the other decor pieces. Finish things off with a crisp, clean summer scented candle to bring all those touches to life! 

Finishing touches near the fireplace

If you have a seating area in front of the fireplace you’ll want to keep your warm season theme on point by removing anything around the fireplace that represents the winter months like super cozy blankets or pillows, winter stems or branches, or accessories that give a winter vibe. You can easily make the switch by swapping the heavier blankets lightweight throws and pillows that coordinate with your spring color palette. Swap out books or magazines for something representing the season. Finish it off by tying the drapes back, to invite the outdoor scenery in. This will make a huge difference in making an area that totally gives you a cozy and warm to a space that feels cozy, bright, and season appropriate.